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HauntedCon 2010 - Haunted News Conference

News and Events Related to Haunting

This site is dedicated to updating you with the news and events related to Haunted Houses, Haunted Floors, Haunted Churches, and Haunted dwellings in general.  We are in the process of organizing an new conference for the HauntedCon 2010.  As information on the event becomes available we will be sending out emails to our email list with times and dates of the new event.  We are currently thinking of hosting the event in an abondoned church near Atlanta, GA.  At this time the said church appears to be haunted and would make for a great location to host HauntedCon 2010.  If you have any input on to where a good location would be that would be greatly appreciated.  Last years HauntedCon was in Prescott, AZ and we had a pretty good turnout.  Please check back soon for new information on the event. 

Virginia Vintage Flooring – Stylish and Captivating


A shared dream among the working population is to one day own a home of their very own.  Whether big or small, uptown or down, the location is only half the battle.  The other half, perhaps even the more important one, is the interior living conditions of the home.  You don’t live on the outside, you live on the inside and you want that space to truly reflect your personality and lifestyle.  Unfortunately, finding a home that combines the best of both worlds is harder than it seems and leaves many home owners seeking renovations.


Virginia Vintage Hardwood


Virginia Vintage Hand Scraped


In today’s world, renovation is a part of the home buying process.  It’s almost a given from the moment you sign on the bottom line that some things will have to be updated.  Often time’s one area that is neglected in this process is the flooring; the right decision in this department can make or break a home.  How to make certain that your choice adds to the overall glamour instead of being an unnecessary distraction?  By making the choice to go with a quality flooring that will last a lifetime.  One sure bet, hardwood flooring such as the classic lines provided by Virginia vintage flooring.


Virginia Vintage Heritage Maple


Virginia Vintage Autumn Hickory


Virginia Vintage Burlap Maple


Virginia vintage flooring offers the style and classic lines that homeowners round the world have come to appreciate.  Beyond the visually appealing nature though, lies an understated guarantee of quality and endurance.  The warm glow that they cast within a room reminds one of days gone by but their continued presence serves as a reminder of an investment well made.  For a twist on the classic of old yet keeping the same beauty and grace, Virginia vintage walnut offers a somewhat darker palette from which to choose perfect for an earthy décor or perhaps office or den.  Something to suite the visual senses of any buyer.


Virginia Vintage Powderhorn Oak


Virginia Vintage Fumed Cherry


Virginia Vintage Hickory Flintlock


In the end, there is a reason that this type of flooring has been around and yet still remains popular through the years. It speaks well of not only a homes construction but also the homeowners commitment to a quality living environment. Don’t let your house make the wrong first impression. Let Virginia vintage flooring make that understated statement of elegance without you ever having to utter a word. 

For more information visit you hardwood flooring experts.

Wicanders Cork Flooring – Saving the Planet One Floor at a Time

If you’re looking for a unique floor, look no further than Wicanders cork flooring.  These amazing floors are built with durability and quality.  All Wicanders cork flooring will last you longer than you can imagine.  Cork flooring brings a whole new element to your home and to wood floors, if you’re ready for the best there is to offer, you won’t be disappointed.  Check out what they have when you’re ready for your next project.

Wicanders Identity Eden

Wicanders Identity Silver

Wicanders Identity Tenne

Cork, yes cork can be used for flooring.  You’re probably thinking wine stopper and what you pull out of that delicious bottle of wine so that you can enjoy it.  You’re right; Wicanders cork flooring is exactly that.  Cork is actually comes from the outer bark of a cork oak tree.  These trees are found mainly in the Mediterranean region.  Because cork has elements like cellulose and suberin in it, it has increased elasticity which makes it ideal for things like wine stoppers and various high-tech items.  The great thing about cork is that the bark can be stripped off of the cork oak tree, and it doesn’t hurt the tree.  So, the bark will grow back and can be harvested numerous times in its life cycle.  This makes it a sustainable and renewable resource that cannot be exhausted.

Wicanders Originals Accent

Wicanders Originals Character

Wicanders President Spice

Wicanders President Chestnut    

Wicanders cork flooring is available in a variety of styles and colors.  Made with great finishes, it is very resistant to scratch, wear, and whatever else may come across it.  Just like standard laminate hardwood flooring, or engineered flooring, it is better for you too.  With no allergens sticking to it, it makes for a cleaner, dust-free home.  Cork flooring is great for any room in the house, and you’ll be able to find a style for any room.  Cork also offers comfortablity and warmth.  Because of the increased elasticity of the cork flooring, it is shock asorbing and will make your feet and legs feel better.  If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen standing, this will be great for you.  Cork flooring has natural insulation that will make the floor feel warm to your bare feet.

Wicanders Traces Chestnut

Wicanders Traces Auburn

If you’re ready for a change in your home, it is time to take a look at Wicanders cork flooring and what they have to offer.  With the great environmental qualities of cork flooring and the benefits it brings to your house, you’ll be happy with the product and what it has to offer.

Deer Hunting is Costly

The last couple of years I have witnessed my stepdad and my husband’s boss make 2 trips a year to Kansas, and several other states, to bring home a huge elk or deer.  I mean they spend thousands of dollars on each of these trips.  I haven’t, until yet, been able to see what the big deal is about hunting, but obviously I’m missing the big picture.

Alaska Moose Hunting
Deer Hunting
Alaska Bear Hunting

I guess depending upon how important you find the sport, thousands of dollars isn’t much to spend to make a big kill.  My stepdad eats, sleeps, and breathes hunting, any kind of hunting.  He makes sacrifices every year on different vacations, even the beach, and several other needed items to be able to make his big trip to Kansas.  I’ve never seen a grown man’s eyes light up the way his do on the day he leaves to make the trip.

Dall Sheep Hunting
Colorado Deer Hunting
Caribou Hunting Alaska
Hunting Supplies
Fishing Supplies

From what I’ve heard about the trips the men have guides.  Not only do they have guides, but they are actually guided on which deer’s to kill, and which to save.  Personally, I wouldn’t find it much of a fair sport if certain animals are “caged” in on several thousand acres of land, and you are actually guided on what to do when you find them.  Then, once you find “your” deer, personally guided to, it’s definitely going to cost you.  Not just the average hundred dollars you would think, but thousands of dollars.  I wouldn’t want to even begin to think what an Elk might cost you.  Not including boarding, gas, or the taxidermy service you’re going to need once you get home.

Colorado Elk Hunting
Colorado Outfitters
Hunting Guides Colorado
Iowa Deer Hunting 

The stories don’t stop at the Kansas border.  They just begin once this gigantic animal is mounted on the wall.  Just imagine a story you could get from an obsessed hunter once someone spots it on his wall, and begins a conversation on the kill.  One conversation could go on hours with pictures to follow.  I mean what would a good deer hunter be without several thousand pictures to prove each and every kill he’s ever made in his life. 

Although I haven’t caught onto the big picture with hunting, what I can say is that it is a passion; you can see it in every hunter’s eyes, especially right after the big kill.  So, what I can do is appreciate the passion, and hope my husband never wants to kill a thousand dollar deer!