Be Scared and Run

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Haunted Houses and Their Flooring

Ernest Holbert

No one really knows what makes a house haunted or if it is even haunted.  The real reason a house is huanted is through the floor.  Flooring carries the weight of the occupants and that were their story lives on even after they are dead and gone.  Hardwood floors are especially divulgant to this and even love to tell their story and how they where abused by the home owners that lived there.  Everyone can see that the really old oaks floors have a story to tell.  Once their story is told it lives on in the form of ghosts and haunted events. 

The "squeaking" of a floor is due to years of use and that is what is heard most of the time when a house is haunted.  Haunted houses can "squeak" and "crack" but usually it is just the old oak floors and sometimes heart pine floors that are doing the talking.  So when you are in a "haunted house" listen for the floors to do the talking.