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Deer Hunting is Costly

The last couple of years I have witnessed my stepdad and my husband’s boss make 2 trips a year to Kansas, and several other states, to bring home a huge elk or deer.  I mean they spend thousands of dollars on each of these trips.  I haven’t, until yet, been able to see what the big deal is about hunting, but obviously I’m missing the big picture.

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I guess depending upon how important you find the sport, thousands of dollars isn’t much to spend to make a big kill.  My stepdad eats, sleeps, and breathes hunting, any kind of hunting.  He makes sacrifices every year on different vacations, even the beach, and several other needed items to be able to make his big trip to Kansas.  I’ve never seen a grown man’s eyes light up the way his do on the day he leaves to make the trip.

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From what I’ve heard about the trips the men have guides.  Not only do they have guides, but they are actually guided on which deer’s to kill, and which to save.  Personally, I wouldn’t find it much of a fair sport if certain animals are “caged” in on several thousand acres of land, and you are actually guided on what to do when you find them.  Then, once you find “your” deer, personally guided to, it’s definitely going to cost you.  Not just the average hundred dollars you would think, but thousands of dollars.  I wouldn’t want to even begin to think what an Elk might cost you.  Not including boarding, gas, or the taxidermy service you’re going to need once you get home.

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The stories don’t stop at the Kansas border.  They just begin once this gigantic animal is mounted on the wall.  Just imagine a story you could get from an obsessed hunter once someone spots it on his wall, and begins a conversation on the kill.  One conversation could go on hours with pictures to follow.  I mean what would a good deer hunter be without several thousand pictures to prove each and every kill he’s ever made in his life. 

Although I haven’t caught onto the big picture with hunting, what I can say is that it is a passion; you can see it in every hunter’s eyes, especially right after the big kill.  So, what I can do is appreciate the passion, and hope my husband never wants to kill a thousand dollar deer!